May 2013 – Where does the time go

It’s been another busy month. My family and I are now settled in our new home, surround by native bush and an abundance of bird life. The view is magical. I’ve finished the curtains and my husband has put up all our pictures, so it feels very homely. We still have a lot to do outside and the kids hate it when we say, “Okay guy’s, all hands on deck this weekend as we’re going to dig drainage trenches or spread gravel.” They escape the first opportunity they can. Little rascals.


I also escape occasionally. And I never miss my Hunter Romance Writers monthly meeting. We’ve had three unpublished writers offered contracts this year as well as some of our published authors. 2013 is turning into a great year for the HRW’s.

I’ve also managed to read some very good books over the last month. As a big fan of Deborah Challinor, I had to read her latest book, ‘Behind the Sun’, which is the first book in a series of four. It’s an historical set in the 1830’s, revolving around the transportation of female convicts, a floating brothel and the friendship of four extraordinary women.

I also read Kylie Griffin’s latest book, ‘Allegiance Sworn’, the third in her Light Blade Series. Kylie has come up with a fantastic paranormal fantasy about humans, half bloods and demons. Kylie weaves an intricate tale of alliance, hatred, trust and forbidden love between these three races. I can’t wait for book four.

And, I read Stephanie Lauren’s latest historical romance, ‘And Then She Fell’. I love historical romances and Stephanie Laurens is one of my favourite authors. She has written over thirty books, mostly set around one family and their acquaintances. Her books are vividly detailed, sensual and always have an intriguing mystery to solve.

As to my own writing! I have two ms on the go at the moment. A romantic suspense set in Northern NSW and a romantic fantasy set in an English Castle. I’ll always be a bit of a pantser (writing as it comes to me), although I am becoming more of a plotter. I now have two large corkboards divided up into chapters and covered in sticky notes relating to each of these stories.

I do have some good news. One of my manuscripts has made it into the last round of the Australian RWA Emerald Award. The winner will be announced at the RWA Conference in Freemantle on August 17th. It’s a dream come true just to be one of the three finalists.        

My E-book short story, An Irish Rose is doing well and I’ve had good feed back from readers. The only criticism being it was too short and they wanted more. I can live with that. If you would like to read ‘An Irish Rose,’ you can download it through Smashwords, Amazon, Barns and Noble, Kobo or iTunes.

Ciao for now, take care and be good to yourselves.

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Erin Moira O’Hara