Facts and Challenges to keep your Mind and Body Healthy

As a writer and working mum, it is hard for me to find time to exercise. For writers with pressing deadlines it is even more difficult! In my case, I have elderly parents to check on, friends and family to catch up with and normal domestic stuff, so every minute counts. This is no news to writers and people who lead busy lives, however, we should all make the effort to exercise, drink water and get plenty of sleep.

Recently I put on my favourite shorts and I couldn’t do the zip up. I wasn’t happy. I realised over the last year I have done minimal exercise and spent a lot of time at my desk, writing, researching and social networking. At work I’m also behind a desk most of my day. I did a little research and have come up with some interesting facts and challenges for all of us.

Fact: Every organ and cell in our body depends on water to stay healthy.

Lack of water leads to dehydration and energy loss. You’ve all heard the saying, ‘Drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy.’ It should be ‘Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.’ The average man should drink 3litres, the average woman 2.2litres. The good news is we do absorb water through our food and other beverages. I do love a cup of tea.

Challenge – Have a bottle of water on your desk and take regular drinks from it.

Fact: You can develop blood clots from sitting in the one position too long.

Clots most often develop deep in leg veins and can be life threatening. They are generally caused by sluggish blood moving through the veins. This happens when we sit in cramped positions for long periods. If your leg, ankle or foot, swell, cramp or are warm to touch, you should seek medical attention. 
The most important thing you can do to avoid clots is to keep the blood flowing, so get up and walk around every 30 minutes. If you’re stuck at a desk or on an aeroplane, simply rotate your ankles and move your legs. Staying hydrated is also essential when travelling. Drink lots of water.

Challenge – Do these simple exercises at your desk. Who cares what anyone thinks.Continue reading