Erin Moira O’Hara’s Glimpse into the World of Kylie Griffin.

Erin Moira O’Hara’s glimpse into the world of Kylie Griffin.


Kylie Griffin is the author of Vengeance Born, Alliance Forged & Allegiance Sworn.

Kylie Griffin’s obsession with all things paranormal/fantasy started at an early age, when she used to imagine the jacaranda tree in her front yard was a spaceship used to defend the world from invading enemies. Writing stories seemed a natural extension to her childhood adventures.

Today, she’s a primary school teacher sharing her love for the written word with young children. In her spare time, she writes and reads all things paranormal.

Kylie lives in a small rural village in outback New South Wales, Australia, where she volunteers in a number of emergency service organizations in her local community.

Hi, Kylie and welcome to the hot seat.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I’d love to learn how to use a variety of weapons ie. sword & dagger – I’ve read a lot about weapons and defense/attack techniques and have done a basic self-defense course, but reading about and actually using weapons on a regular basis are totally different things.

What meal do you excel at in the Kitchen?

I make a mean potato bake using potatoes, cream of chicken soup (tinned), onion & bacon, salt & pepper, cheese and a dash of milk. A hearty meal to have in the middle of winter. Yum!

What are five items you can’t live without? (I said items not cats. We all know they are at the very top of the list)

Well, yes, cats would be on the top of most lists – LOL – but seeing as you clarified, here’s my top 5:
1. Photos of my family & friends – I’d be devastated to loose those moments in in time.
2. My laptop – I had one pack it in several months ago and in the couple of weeks it took to replace it I felt like my arms had been cut off without my daily routine of writing (and…mumble, mumble…internet/email time…mumble,mumble…).
3. My library of books – can’t be without these and they’d be the first thing I’d try and save (other than my cats) if there was a housefire (if there was time).
4. My glasses – that’s the practical side in me coming out, I have trouble seeing clearly after about 3ft, everything is blurred. T-rex could be bearing down on me and all I’d see is a hulking object, so by the time he was close enough to discern I’d be a crunchy snack.
5. Tracky dacks & casual t-shirt – they’re just sooooo comfortable to wear and slouch about the house in.

If you could choose anyone as your mentor, who would it be?

My parents – both have been valuable sources of information and advice and have always been there to offer it – good, bad and ugly, when I’ve needed and more importantly, when I haven’t wanted it and then realised what they’ve said was exactly what I needed to hear.

Has reading a book ever changed your life?

Oh wow, this is a great question. I’m going to say the Bible. Why? Well, about 15 years ago, after the death of a relative, I met a very special couple – a local vicar and his wife, and they were able to help me answer some of my questions about life and death and in time I ended up reading the Bible. Long story short, I’m now a Christian, so you can say this book had a life-changing impact on my life, one I’ll always be grateful for.

What chore do you absolutely hate?

Dusting. It seems such a pointless activity.

What would your tip be for enjoying life?

Celebrate the small things in life, as one day you might look back and recognise that they were actually the big things.

Of your Light Blade Series, which is your personal favourite? (okay one author question)

Oh, Erin, this is like asking a mother to choose their favourite child!!! How can I do that?


But if you’re twisting my arm, then I’m going to say Allegiance Sworn, as it’s the most recent. The story and characters were like wrangling cats across a river to write the first draft – hard, painful and it took forever, but it was oh, so satisfying once it was done!

Lovely to catch up with you, Kylie. Good luck with the launch of ‘Allegiance Sworn’.

Thanks, Erin, it’s been a hoot answering these questions – a lovely change from the regular interview questions!

To find out more of what Kylie’s up to, you can visit her on these sites.



6 thoughts on “Erin Moira O’Hara’s Glimpse into the World of Kylie Griffin.

  1. This is such a great interview loved the questions and answers. Huge congrats on the coming release Kylie I am so looking forward to reading this one and thanks Erin for putting this all together

    Have Fun

    • Hi Helen, thanks for dropping in – great to see you here! We’re on the downhill run to release day for AS and I know you’re not alone in the “can’t wait to read this book” boat. 😉

  2. I guess you are preaching to the converted here Erin. I am really enjoying this series Kylie, & my copy is already pre-ordered 🙂
    Are cats items? hhahahhaha knowing Kylie’s love of them they would count as such 🙂
    Enjoyed the interview Erin

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